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Al Reem Ornamental Fish & Birds Trd.

is an established importer and exporter of ornamental fishes (fresh & salt water) ,aquatic plants, invertibrates, amphibians, dogs, cats and reptiles in United Arab Emirates.

We handle holesale Shipments for the Local and International Markets.We are known in the Industry for our wide variety and quality of our fishes and animals.We are also renowned for our prices, which are not just competitive but decidedly attractive.

We are confident that we will be able to meet your requests and to provide the best pricing available.

We import fishes and other animals on a weekly basis from the different parts of the world.

Our company comprises fish professionals,experienced packing staff, and friendly customer service executives.

We now focus on using our extensive knowledge and experts to provide the high quality fishes and animals through a quality controlled delivery process.

Infact this is pricicely this excellence in quality that has gained us a reputation for being one of the best importers and exporters in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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